Trade Representation, Importing And Exporting Of Goods

If you want to offer your product or service on the Bulgarian market, we will offer you full assistance in finding potential customers, negotiating and establishing long-term business relationships. Contact us and present your intentions, we will help you reach the desired goals.

If you want to export goods from Bulgaria or outsource services abroad, contact us and we will offer you the best options for how this can happen.

You are looking for opportunities to establish business relationships with partners from Bulgaria offering certain goods or services. Based on our long-standing experience and knowledge of the market, we can consult and connect with leading Bulgarian companies from a wide range of business areas. We will help and find the best quality goods and services offered in the country at the best prices for you. Market Research We can do a market research ordered by you that is related to your intentions or business which you want to develop. Give us your idea in detail and what you need and we will investigate everything that is required.

Other Services

You can also take advantage of the other services that we offer.

Full Accounting Service, Tax And Legal Consultations

Since we work in cooperation with some of the best accountancy firms in the country, we can take the full accounting of your registered business in Bulgaria.

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Assistance To Foreigners To Start And Develop Business In Bulgaria

As a consulting company, we offer full assistance to companies intending to develop business in the country.

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If you want to transfer some of your business activities to outsourcing companies, we can help you do that. We have established professional network in the following business areas: IT technologies, Programming...

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Selling A Ready-Made Company

This is a service through which you can directly buy and get ready registered company with VAT number. We take the handling of the entire process of transferring...

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Buying A Real Estate In Bulgaria

You are looking to buy or rent a property in Bulgaria. Based on our long experience in real estate transactions, we can help you throughout this process.

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Registration Of A Company/Branch In Bulgaria

We will do everything necessary relating to the registration of your company in Bulgaria. We will explain to you the whole process...

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